May 232012

Most running injuries are overuse injuries which are caused by either running too much or too soon. Most of the time with resting and icing the injury site will take care of the problem and runners can return to running in a few days or weeks. It is important that we do not self diagnose our injuries which could be symptoms of a more severe health condition. Consult a sport medicine doctor who will evaluate your injury and prescribe a proper course of treatment.

Here is a list of the most common running injuries ranging from knee pain, upper leg injuries, lower leg injuries, foot, ankle and heel and hip injury. Each person reacts to the same type of shoes, running surface and other variables differently. Therefore, each is required a different course of treatment and the length of time for recovery will vary as well. When confronted with an injury, it is always better to take a conservative approach towards managing and treating it. After all, we would rather be not running for a few days than a few weeks, or even months.

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