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Stacey’s cool and good at what she does!
Stacey’s massage technique for me was a great combo of relaxation and working out some problem areas. I didn’t feel overly worked, but I know she gave some serious attention to a few spots that needed it. I didn’t even feel them the next day, unlike some other massages. I enjoyed conversation with Stacey and appreciated some quiet time where she was really connecting with my muscles, knots, ligaments and energy. I will definitely go back. Thanks Stacey!

– C.B., Los Altos

So Happy!
Stacey was very professional and friendly. I am very luck to have found her online, all of her fantastic reviews are spot on. The environment is very relaxing, and she immediately makes you feel at ease. I suffer from chronic headaches and carry all of my stress in my shoulders. Stacey was happy to fully concentrate on the areas that were of issue to me, which I greatly appreciate. Will definitely be back soon, and have already recommended her to friends.

– J.H., Los Altos

Great Experience
My doctor prescribed Therapeutic Massage due to a car accident injury. I’m a person who is not comfortable with getting massages. Stacey made me feel comfortable right away. That was HUGE for me. Her super nice personality and knowledge made me feel confident she could help me. I’ve only seen her once so far and I already feel much better. I highly recommend her.

– R.L., Mountain View

Stacey was kind and caring and she helped me with symptoms i have been suffering from due to a recent medical condition which disabled me. My quality of life has improved thanks to Stacey. Thank you soooooo much! When people comment on how my mobility has improved, I tell them about Stacey!

– D.V., Palo Alto

Lucky I found her!
Janice S. says: I located Stacey on line hoping for the best and was truly lucky and happy I found her. From her kind and caring demeanor to her knowledge and abilities in massage it was a great experience. Love her price point too!!

– J.S., Los Altos

A truly gifted Healer
Stacey has very gifted hands. She uses her knowledge of the body and her intuition to feel which of muscles need attention and massages them with just the right pressure and movement. She has been very helpful in reversing a chronically stiff (for 30 years) shoulder I had. And if you just want a feel good massage from someone with a very caring touch, Stacey does that too. She’s the best!

– M.S., Sunnyvale

Feeling Great
Stacey helped with my computer related RSI issues. I’ve been very productive since our session and have been able to work way past where I could before without feeling discomfort. Very helpful!

– C.D., Palo Alto

Makes a huge difference
Stacey really is intuitive and finds the connection between soreness and biomechanical issues. She finds a way using an assortment of techniques to really get to the root of a problem. She truly wants to help you!

– D.S., Menlo Park

I have worked with Stacey for the past five years for shoulder and neck pain related to radiation therapy seventeen years ago.  The cancer treatment resulted in scarring of the ligaments in my jaw, upper back and neck muscles.  Stacey’s unique style of deep tissue massage, combined with myofascial release techniques are not only immensely relaxing, but also serve to loosen the scarred areas.  Her techniques have kept me from having to undergo more drastic treatments (such as surgery) – I recommend her highly.

K.C., Palo Alto

As a competitive runner, also trying to balance my crazy life, I turned to Stacey over 6 years ago to keep my body in balance. Well, if 6 years of massages don’t speak volumes of Stacey’s greatness, then you don’t understand the art of massage and healing. I am an “old” guy and I am still running 6:00 min/mile pace – I know that Stacey’s massage is a large part of that.

C.W., Palo Alto

I will start by saying that I have known Stacey for decades, and I was completely thrilled when she became a massage therapist. It suits her talents and her sweet easy-going personality. She has always worked with her hands, from molding clay for animation to this, healing people. I am picky, when going in for a massage I want to come out feeling like my body is more in whack, then out of whack. I work on computers all day and carry equipment ( as a photographer) and I need all the muscles that get tight to be loosened. Stacey is targeted in her approach and while I feel totally relaxed and get all the “feel goods” of a great massage I also come out with what I consider…a healthier body. I have sciatica and it is always relieved after a visit to Stacey. She rocks!

– S.M., Oakland

Who wouldn’t want a knowledgeable masseuse with strong hands and a gentle soul?  I’ve been going to Stacey for years and she not only knows what’s going on with my back, but knows just what to do to fix it.  My body always leave refreshed and ready for more abuse that I seem to always put it through.  Oh well, it’s just more reason to come back for more Stacey time.  I would recommends Stacey to anyone needing a great massage.

– L. H., Mountain View

The best massage ever! I’ve had several massages throughout the country from a variety of therapists and have found that Stacey is incredible. This summer my physical and mental stress was reduced considerably through my sessions with Stacey.

This is not someone that takes you through a generic massage. She takes the time to truly understand what you need which results in a spot on therapeutic session.  As a result of my summer & fall massages – my work, personal & exercise world is less sluggish and more vibrant.

D.O., Los Gatos

Having lived in SF for almost ten years now, and having had my share of massages, there are only three CMT’s that come to mind as exceptional:  meaning they have an intuitive sense and touch, backed by solid training and certifications, as well as a willingness to listen to the client.

The third of these three is Stacy Cook.  Backstory:  the second was Stacy’s sister, Kris, who I saw faithfully for three years until she decided to move to Costa Rica.  Like her sister (I hate to draw sibling comparisons but i guess it’s ok here since it’s a favorable one), Kris, Stacy has a great intuitive touch and style and always uses the just righ level of pressure.  Attentive and always will take the time before your session to ask about specific tight/sore spots, rather than just jumping into the session.  Top notch and highly recommended.

– S. N., San Francisco

Stacey is great!  I’ve been going to her for four years.  I’m not sure I fully appreciated her skills until I had different problems to address.  It seems like she can fix anything in one session.  She’s very intuitive and always asks what areas to focus on before the session starts…even though she’ll figure it out anyway.  As an added bonus, she’s a very interesting person which makes for good conversation.  I highly recommend her.

– T. K., San Francisco

My girlfriend and I have been getting monthly massages from Stacey for well over five years, and for good reason. She is strong enough to get into my deep tissues, yet gentle enough for my girlfriend who doesn’t have as much meat on her bones.

As I write this, it occurred to me that I’ve been doing full-body massages for a year or two now. I used to get back-only massages, but I now find that my back feels fine. Is my posture better? Or has Stacey transformed me? You decide.

Our hours together are always enjoyable. As others have commented, she is a very interesting person and we inevitably gab the first half of the massage. But then she lets me pass out in sheer bliss for the second half.

You owe it to yourself (or a good friend) to call Stacey.

B.W., Menlo Park